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FitzMartin is a sales and marketing consultancy, grounded in the science of behavioral change. Focused on sales first, they exist to help clients drive new growth and profitability.




Service as a Service


High-value outreach campaign



Client did not have an established process or the systems necessary to undertake a nationwide call campaign; nor did they have the bandwidth internally to accomplish this in their short time frame.



FitzMartin sought the services of Leads at Scale both for their internal projects and for assisting their clients in reaching high-value prospects. The primary objective was to amplify the efficiency and impact of their outreach efforts. This collaboration was strategically aimed at refining their approach to connecting with significant leads, thereby maximizing the effectiveness and value derived from each engagement for FitzMartin and their clients.


In their quest for a US-based Appointment Sales Service Provider, FitzMartin was particularly drawn to Leads at Scale due to our unique approach to staffing and team dynamics. Our team played a pivotal role in delivering a comprehensive service package, encompassing direct dials, voicemail work, and other initiatives tailored to specific client needs.



The collaboration between FitzMartin and Leads at Scale, yielded exceptionally positive outcomes.

  • Notably, appointment setting rates soared to more than double those achieved with other vendors.
  • In a remarkable testament to the efficiency of our campaign, FitzMartin requested a pause in appointment setting, unable to keep pace with the influx of opportunities generated by Leads at Scale.

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