B2B Cold Calling Services
Done For You.

Our US based Business Development Specialists help companies make thousands of extra targeted cold calls every month.

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Increased bandwidth

Our sales development representatives make 100's of outbound sales calls per day.

Native US Speakers

All cold calls are made by our US based, native English speaking Business Development Specialists

Business Growth

Our B2B Cold Calling Services have provided clients a 181% increase in sales opportunities.

Many businesses struggle to make enough cold calls consistently to grow their business

Do you find yourself saying …


My team HATES making cold calls to prospects!


We don’t have the bandwidth to make 100’s let alone 1,000's of cold calls every month


We don’t have the resources to reach and nurture many of the prospects within our industry


My sales team needs more well-qualified leads and warm sales appointments every month

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Why Choose Leads at Scale for B2B Cold Calling Services?

What will more well-qualified leads and warm sales appointments mean for your business.

B2B cold calling done correctly helps businesses develop relationships with more prospects and boosts sales!

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Reach more prospects faster

We make cold calls work with targeted contact lists and 100's of calls each week

Focus on closing already secured appointments

Your sales team will receive well-qualified leads and warm sales appointments to close

Improve close rate

Well-qualified leads and warm sales appointments help improve your sales team’s close rate

Grow your business

With tailored cold calling services done for you, your sales team can focus on closing more sales so you can grow your business faster

How we do it

Our team uses the telephone and email as effective business tools to:

Increase contact

Increase contacts with decision makers


Qualify/Disqualify Prospects

Set Sales Appointments

Set more warm sales appointments

Nurture leads

Nurture and Follow-up with Leads who are qualified but the timing is not right.

How Do I Get More Leads with Cold Calling Services for B2B Businesses?

1. Request a demo

We start by learning about your business, your objectives and your goals

2. Select your cold-calling package

Based on your goals, we’ll create a custom plan and implement it for you!

3. Get more sales

Your sales team will receive well-qualified, warm sales appointments ready to be closed

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At Leads at Scale, we know you want more clients. In order to achieve this, your sales team needs more sales opportunities. The problem? Most sales teams hate cold calling; don’t know how to do it effectively, don’t have the processes or systems required, or don’t have the time to make 100’s and 1,000’s of cold calls each month! This causes unnecessary stress and anxiety!

We take on the burden of cold calling for dozens of growing companies!

1. You tell us how many leads you want each month;
2. We’ll secure a well-researched list targeting your Ideal Client Profile; then
3. We’ll make 100’s of calls each week to secure well-qualified sales appointments for your sales team.
4. All of our sales representatives are experienced in lead generation and have the experience to make successful cold calls.

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Use our Free Sales Assessment calculator to see how your current process stacks up. Don’t let the fear of making cold calls stop you from getting more well-qualified leads.

Leading Organizations that Trust us with Cold Calling Services

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Nurture leads

40,000 Outbound

Sales Calls

Nurture leads

181% Increased Sales Opportunities

Nurture leads

Secure 100's of Sales Appointments

Nurture leads

30% Contact Rate with Decision Makers