We help B2B companies generate well-qualified leads

We help B2B companies generate well-qualified leads so their sales teams can close more sales and they can grow their business!

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Fill your sales team’s pipeline with well-qualified sales leads.

Past Client Results:

Our Services Help B2B Companies Grow Their Businesses

Your business should not have to struggle to generate well-qualified B2B leads at scale!

Do you find yourself saying …


My team hates making cold calls to prospects!


We don't have the bandwidth to
make 100's, let alone 1,000s of calls


We don’t have the resources to reach a huge portion of people in our industry


My sales team needs eager leads they can close at a higher rate

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We understand finding quality leads is the key to increasing your sales team’s close rate and growing your revenue. That is why we developed our duplicatable and scalable system that generates B2B leads and warm sales appointments your sales team needs to close more deals.

Imagine the Possibilities with a Dedicated Lead Generation Team

Cold Calling, Qualifying, Follow-up, Appointment Setting—all done for you by a team of professional, US-based business Development experts.

Increase your bandwidth

More outbound calls than your team can make on their own!

US-based B2B Sales Specialists

B2B cold calling is done for you by our native English-speaking, US-based professional Business Development Reps (BDRs).

Fill Sales Pipeline

Get well-qualified B2B leads and warm sales appointments so your sales team can focus on closing more sales and you can grow your business.

Show Me the Numbers.

B2B Appointment Setting Success Stories

As your trusted inside sales partners, we utilize our proven appointment setting system to help your sales team generate well-qualified leads, ready to be closed.

Fill Your Pipeline with Qualified Business Leads, Ready to Be Closed

At Leads at Scale, we’re passionate about helping great companies connect with great clients. Our proven lead generation strategies help B2B companies generate eager leads and warm sales appointments so their sales teams can focus on closing more sales to grow their businesses.

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Why Choose Leads at Scale?

More Well-Qualified Leads

You’ll get a fully managed, turn-key Inside Sales Team that gets you well-qualified B2B leads at scale without burdening your sales team with prospecting and cold-calling.

Focus on Sales

Your sales team will be able to focus on closing more sales rather than prospecting, cold-calling, and follow-up!

More prospects

You’ll be able to reach a greater number of targeted prospects.

Faster Growth

You’ll be able to scale and grow your company much faster.

When Do You Need to Outsource Your Sales Efforts

Leads at Scale’s fully managed, turn-key solution provides all the prospecting, cold-calling, qualifying, follow-up, and appointment setting for you!

Our B2B lead generation system provides warm, well-qualified leads, so your sales team can focus on closing more sales and growing your business!


man holding a business meeting
Limited Bandwidth

Do you need to reach 100’s or 1000’s of prospects?

Low-Quality Leads

Does your sales team need higher-quality B2B leads?

woman talking on headphones
Low Sales Close Ratio

Would you like to improve your sales team’s close rate?

woman talking on headphones

More well-qualified prospects mean more closed sales.

How We Get Leads for B2B Companies?

Our team uses the telephone and email as effective business tools to:

Increase contact

Increase contact with decision makers


Qualify B2B Prospects

Set Sales Appointments

Set B2B sales appointments

Nurture leads

Nurture B2B Leads

Effective Lead Generating Done By Professionals

All of our US-Based native English speaking Business Development Specialists are blind or visually impaired. Our team brings a very specialized skill set to your project(s):


Great communication skills


A greater sense of empathy


Fantastic active-listening skills


Our BDRs are creative and problem-solvers


Our team is passionate about prospecting

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Make Your Business Success Inevitable

1. Schedule a call

We start by learning about your business, your objective, and your B2B sales goals.

2. Select your B2B leads package

Based on your leads goal, we’ll create a custom plan and implement it.

3. Get more sales

Your sales team will receive well-qualified, warm B2B sales appointments ready to be closed.

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Leading Organizations that Trust us to Get them Leads at Scale

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Results of Our B2B Lead Generation Services

Learn how we can get you

Nurture leads

12,000 Outbound

Sales Calls

Nurture leads

181% Increase in B2B Sales Opportunities

Nurture leads

Secure 100s of B2B Sales Appointments

Nurture leads

More prospects - 30% Contact Rate with Decision Makers