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We help B2B companies increase the number of outbound calls every month so they can speak with more customers and reach more prospects.

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Scale your outreach

Increase your bandwidth

More Leads

Connect with and speak to more customers

Grow your business

Make more calls, secure more appointments, close more sales!

Many businesses struggle to consistently make enough outreach and follow-up calls due to limited internal bandwidth.

Do you find yourself saying …


We don’t have the resources to consistently reach out to and nurture many of the prospects within our industry


We don’t have the resources to consistently reach out to many of our customers


We don’t have enough resources to conduct our customer satisfaction surveys consistently


We don’t have enough resources to handle an effective customer retention program

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US Based Outbound Call Center

You shouldn’t have to struggle to speak with your customers consistently and proactively.

Connect with more customers

Communicate with your customers more frequently and consistently

Engage customers

Proactively engage with more of your customers and prospects

What would having the additional bandwidth available to make more outbound calls every month mean for your business?

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Satisfied Customers

Grow your business along with your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores

An extension of your team

Let us handle the prospecting, cold-calling, follow-up and appointment setting, and allow your sales team to focus on closing well-qualified leads

Leads at Scale helps companies scale their outreach to help them generate more leads and grow their business

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How we do it

Our team uses the telephone and email as effective business tools to:

Increase contact

Engage more effectively with customers


Register products & services

Set Sales Appointments

Proactively communicate your message

Nurture leads

Verify and validate customer and order data

Discover how our outbound call center services can elevate your outbound sales

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2. Select your outbound call package

Based on your goals, we’ll create a custom plan and implement it for you

3. Begin to receive actionable insight and feedback from your customers

Your sales team will receive well-qualified, warm sales appointments ready to be closed; and your management team will receive customer feedback, insight and actionable data to benefit your business

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Leading Organizations that Trust us with Cold Calling Services

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At Leads at Scale we know you want a reliable outbound call center that your company can lean on.  In order to do so, you need a scalable solution that will allow you to proactively reach out and talk with your customers and prospects while representing your brand in an authentic way.

You’ve watched long enough to wonder if you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to listen to your customers and to grow your business – You are!

We believe your ability to talk with your customers should not be limited by internal bandwidth or the ability to generate enough consistent, proactive conversations. We understand it’s frustrating to miss out on these valuable conversations because of the lack of bandwidth. With our help, you can scale your efforts without constraining your existing resources. Finally – now you can speak with more customers; conduct more surveys; retain more customers; and communicate your message proactively!

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