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Lead Generation for Financial Services & Banking

Virtually every industry can benefit from lead generation strategies, including lead generation for financial services and banking organizations. Financial services marketing teams can attract more visitors from qualified prospects by concentrating on lead creation. The visibility, credibility, trust, and interest of potential leads are increased through lead creation. 

High-quality prospects lead to high-value consumers, which increases revenue for the company. One of the most important metrics to examine business growth and brand recognition in the financial services industry is lead generation. It is a clear component that contributes to an organization’s growth. 

However, not every lead generation strategy is ideal for a bank or financial firm. Very specific lead generation tactics must be used– after all, marketing for a bank is not the same as marketing for a retail company or eCommerce website.

In this guide, we’ll look into a few different strategies of financial services lead generation that include everything from cold calling to search engine optimization. 

7 Strategies to Improve Lead Generation for Financial Services 

The following strategies are excellent for securing banking leads that are high-value. 

Make Sure Your Website Provides a Bespoke and Integrated Experience

 When it comes to lead generation for financial services, your website gives you more control over the experience you can provide potential customers. Although other channels have great features for user involvement, they typically fall short when it comes to allowing financial services businesses to provide a tailored experience. Financial services companies ought to rely more on their websites to give leads a more streamlined and individualized experience. 

Options to think about when developing a digital experience for your website include self-service and self-led actions that help prospects finish lead-qualification chores. Setting up your website as a lead-capture tool gives you the opportunity to direct visitors from other digital channels and perhaps produce more quality prospects. If your team is relatively small, you might want to consider outsourcing your website development and other related business processes. 

Offer Tools for Personal Finance, Investing, and Beyond

Banking isn’t just about giving consumers a place to keep their money. Nowadays, it’s about delivering products that make financial management intuitive and easy for your customers. Offering free tools, information, and consultations online may be an efficient approach to establish credibility, create leads, and entice clients into your sales funnel, even though personal and in-person marketing can be beneficial. Anything from personal finance applications to tax preparation software to straightforward video courses on financial management can be produced and offered by financial businesses. 

Then, one simple strategy to get qualified leads for your financial services may be to follow up with an offer of a free consultation to help them understand their own unique position. The number of free consultations you may do each week should be limited, and they should be offered on a first-come, first-served basis if you are short on time. 

Try Using PPC Ads 

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is one of the most lucrative and successful forms of online marketing. Any bank that wishes to expand and compete with major brands must have it. PPC advertisements appear before organic results in search results, offering you the opportunity to attract someone’s attention before anybody else. When a user clicks on one of these advertisements, they are sent to a landing page on your website, and you are charged a nominal fee by the PPC provider. 

You can monitor the amount of visitors to your landing page and utilize that information to enhance your entire PPC campaign. Test several advertisements to see which ones get the most traffic, then tweak your landing pages to increase conversions. The outcome will be a simplified advertising campaign that brings in more clients. 

Try Implementing Cold Calling Into Your Strategy 

One of the tried-and-true techniques for boosting sales has always been cold calling for the purpose of generating leads. Additionally, it is an outbound marketing technique with the best likelihood of winning a deal, particularly for B2B companies. Despite the fact that individuals are beginning to question the tactics used to gain their phone numbers, cold calling is still developing a bad image. Additionally, they frequently receive calls from scammers, which causes leads to question your company’s legitimacy. 

Cold calling, however, may still be an effective component of a successful lead-generating plan. If your marketing and sales professionals can do it correctly, cold calling is still a successful strategy. Cold calling is now the greatest method for turning lead generation into sales in the banking sector. It is also a method for gathering crucial data about your leads. Cold calling lead generation may convert leads into prospects for various firms that provide specific services. Additionally, it aids in customer service enhancement and market research. 

Make Sure Everything Is Mobile-Friendly 

Much of lead generation for financial services involves mobile marketing and overall mobile user-friendliness. Using its mobile-first indexing technology, Google has been giving mobile-friendly websites the top spot in search results for a number of years. At the same time, there are no indicators that the growth of mobile search will slow down. Brands in the financial services industry must understand that being mobile-first ready is now a must rather than a choice. 

A mobile-ready website has a higher chance of converting visitors who access it from their mobile devices. Additionally, since a mobile-friendly website adheres to Google’s mobile-first indexing algorithm, having one enhances the likelihood of ranking better. A responsive website that adapts to the device screen is one method to become mobile-ready. 

Focus on Getting Valuable Local Leads 

When it comes to lead generation for financial services, focusing on local consumers is key. Marketing to local customers has a lot of benefits, even though digital marketing enables you to target anybody who is interested in and capable of using your financial services remotely. In order to purposefully lessen competition, for instance, you can choose to target a narrower market. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to reach out to local leads directly by utilizing neighborhood resources like events, outreach initiatives, and reputation management. For instance, you may conduct your own event to attract possible leads, attend local and pertinent business networking events, and develop local outreach activities to meet potential leads. While each of them requires time and money, they are significantly more effective and persuasive than most internet marketing strategies. 

You can meet individuals who are typically interested in and in need of your services by participating in outreach initiatives like conducting one-on-one free consultations at your neighborhood bank, providing mortgage calculations and assistance at an event, or just talking to people at a networking event. 

Create a Brand Voice That Puts the Competition in the Dust 

Brand voice is integral to lead generation for financial services. When consumers hear about your brand, does your message linger in their minds? Are they attracted to and able to relate to your message? Examining your brand values is the greatest method to develop a distinctive brand voice. Determine your core values and how they distinguish your financial services business. Avoid using financial service cliches that are too similar to your competitors. Look deeper to uncover the distinctive voice that sets your brand apart– you definitely don’t just deal with banking. What product and service offerings does your firm provide that other similar firms don’t offer?

 In order to make your lead generation activities stand out, you may need to look for new values and brand personality attributes if you can’t think of anything particularly noteworthy.

John Dubay

John Dubay is the Managing Partner at Leads at Scale, an outsourced sales support company that helps B2B companies generate well-qualified leads at scale, ready to be closed.

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